FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What are your rates?

Okay, let’s get this one out of the way. My rates are competitive. I’d much rather discuss the context of the project, but I know it all gets down to “How much?” Rather then quote a fixed price, let’s discuss usage, budget, and what you want to accomplish. I’m flexible, and I want you to use me again and again.

Where do you record?

I record predominantly in professional studios, including audioEngine|west, Big U Music, Gardiner Media, Great Scott, Hunnicutt Recording, Insight Productions, Illuma Studios, Show-N-Tell and a few others. Each offers state of the art recording and editing equipment, as well as highly skilled audio engineers. In 2005, I installed a small on-site studio for a variety of projects including commercials, e-learning, web tutorials and on-holds.

What kind of Voice Over projects do you work on?

Each year seems to offer new opportunities for voice work. Along with commercials, infomercials, e-learning, industrials and the like. They include radio imaging for radio, character voices, emcee projects for several non-profit agencies, web tutorials and more. It’s exciting and fun to be involved with everything that comes my way.

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How about On-Camera projects?

Several years ago I would have declined an on-camera assignment. However, a few interesting projects were sent my way that I truly enjoyed working on. They included my first short film, The Netherbeast of Bermtech Industries (Best Director at the Phoenix Film Festival as well as garnering accolades in other competition). Another opportunity came forth as I was cast in my first feature film role in The Controller. I also appeared in several commercials including Fort McDowell Casino, Ashley Furniture, Sands Chevrolet and my favorite, “Extreme Methover” as a 1970’s game show host. Industrial, sales and educational videos were also added to my resumé.

Do you write scripts?

No, there are plenty of qualified professionals that can do a better job than me. I will certainly make every effort to assist you with your script and deliver a read which captures the spirit and message you wish to convey. I am not a scriptwriter, although on occasion I seem to be.

Do you enjoy your work?

Yes, yes, yes! Each day offers new opportunities and challenges to deliver a message in a special way; to inform, sell, instruct, teach and communicate thoughts, words, feelings and emotion to a specialized audience. There’s no better words to hear than “that’s a wrap,” which means you’ve accomplished what you were chosen to deliver and convey. I couldn’t imagine doing anything else and look forward to every day.

Please feel free to call Robert at (602) 738-5800
to schedule your project or discuss your needs.