Video projects rely on actors to tell their viewers a story, clearly conveying why the video’s message is worthy of consideration. The actor must connect which each viewer individually, while the video is broadcast to thousands.

Robert loves the opportunity to portray an image with a strong voice that speaks to a company’s target audience. His on-camera acting services cover a wide range of commercial video projects, including documentaries, commercials and films.


Spokesperson and commercial projects provide occasions to embody an organization visually. They give Robert the chance to portray an image that speaks to your company’s target audience. Robert has enjoyed these undertakings in the past and looks forward to more in the future.

Educational Videos

Successful educational videos are produced to engage viewers through stories that resonate with our lives today. Connecting history, science, math, and other educational topics to the current audience is crucial to truly educating viewers, and Robert Rue delivers. As an experienced voice talent, Robert brings educational films to life by adding realistic human expression to the script. Your viewers will stay engaged with Robert’s animated, compelling voice.

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“As a parent, it is important to present educational topics maturely and responsibly to children. I feel confident that my previous educational projects have fulfilled that goal. I began my career doing volunteer work to help educate the blind and dyslexic, so I know that this type of work is especially rewarding.” – Robert Rue
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Commercials, Infomercials & Webmercials

Robert Rue’s on-camera acting has turned plenty of commercial viewers into buyers. Whether you’re filming a TV commercial or a long infomercial, Robert understands the value of broadcasting your product or service. He takes this responsibility and turns it into success by taking direction and delivering on every request. The results speak for themselves: Robert has appeared in countless commercials, including spots for H2O Concepts, PhillyLaw.com, Earnhart Ford, Allstate, Fort McDowell Casino, Ashley Furniture, Sands Chevrolet and his favorite, “Extreme Makeover” as a 1970’s game show host.

Get Your On-Camera Project Rolling

When you call Robert Rue, he will personally answer the phone and discuss your on-camera project with you. He understands how important it is to get projects done right the first time, so he makes it easy for potential clients to test his services and make sure his talent is the best choice.

When you request your quote and/or audition, Robert will review your script along with your project details, including a description of the voice and character you want to use. Once your on-camera project is underway, Robert guarantees on-time arrival and that your project will get his full attention during filming.

Robert offers the following benefits when helping you decide the ideal direction for your on-camera project:

  • Script review and discussion
  • Project quote
  • Camera-ready arrival with ample wardrobe
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