Voice Over

With over 16 years of experience as a professional voice talent, voice over artist Robert Rue’s voice can be heard in a variety of programs: radio and TV commercials, corporate videos, e-learning and educational videos, on-hold messages, audio books and tours, pre-recorded awards and narration.


On-Site Recording Studio

From his on-site recording studio, Robert provides clients with high resolution, recorded digital audio files. Projects include everything from 30 second commercials to hours of narration (and anything in-between). Robert is flexible and available to his clients. He answers his own phone, negotiates fair rates and delivers quality productions on time – just a few of the benefits of doing business with RobertRueVoice.com.

Commercials & Infomercials

As audiences tune out commercials, grabbing their attention for 30 seconds or more is becoming increasingly difficult. It requires a good script and a message that grabs their attention. Working together with clients, Robert has voiced hundreds of assorted radio, television and Internet marketing efforts (for businesses in the auto, banking, casino, hair restoration and furniture markets to name a few).

Robert Rue recording session
“Have a spot you’d liked voiced?
Send me a script and you’ll get a professionally voiced demo at no charge.” – Robert Rue

E-learning, Educational & Instructional Videos

Narration in these disciplines requires accuracy, subdued energy and enthusiasm – as well as ensuring that the listener will find the material interesting and worth their time. It’s a delicate balance, but one that Robert has achieved in recording thousands of hours of informative subject matter. From Law, Science, Engineering, Medical training, to instructional videos on window installation, above ground pools and more. These projects often require hours of reading, proofing and editing to ensure the script is adhered to and the audio is interesting, informative and consistent in energy and delivery.

Robert Rue in the booth

Corporate, Industrial & Training Narration

In the world of business, corporations often rely on pre-recorded audio or video programs to inform shareholders, employees and contractors. With clients like Honeywell, Cox, IBM, CVS/Caremark, Robert has experience as the “voice” of top companies – delivering vital information in a professional manner to educate the listeners of each company’s strategy, training modules and other procedures – vital to ensuring understanding and compliance.

Political Campaigns

As the search for each vote becomes more complicated (as well as more expensive) political strategists search for the perfect blend of message and tone for their candidate’s message to sway the electorate. For the past few years, Robert has energetically delivered campaign declarations for hopefuls in either party, albeit with one caveat, that the message be truthful and not mean spirited.


Just as new products and services need to get their message out, so do radio, television and Internet rely on dramatic voices to establish their brand, their call letters, and what the audience can look forward to. Robert’s has extensive experience in delivering authoritative, yet informative promos, spots, and liners for broadcasters across the country.

On Hold Messaging

Certainly one of life’s greatest annoyances is the on hold message. Sure, they all “value your call”, but the true challenge is to mean it – and have the voice artist convey that you mean it. How often have you been put on hold, only to hear a local radio station blaring into the phone? Or worse yet, to hear a commercial for the competitor of the company you’re on hold with? Delivering a warm, reassuring, and personable message is an inducement for the caller to stay on the line. Recording over 150 per month, Robert can make your on hold clients feel relaxed and valued.

Audio Books & Tours

Much like other forms of narration, audio books and tours require strict attention to tone, delivery and a certain amount of energy and enthusiasm for the subject matter. At 300 plus pages, an audio book can be a nightmare to verbally translate from the printed word with the listener feeling as though they are living the experience – be it fiction, non-fiction or another genre. Pacing, discussions with the author, and being mentally prepared are just a few of the key ingredients for projects of this magnitude. On a smaller scale, audio tours for museums, zoos, historical sites can be fun, informative, and convey an image of being a welcome guest to the listener.

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